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Allow videos in lower plans#980

You need to allow mp4 videos to be scheduled for posting. Other sites do and you will lose out because od this.

a month ago

Hello Sonia,

Videos are supported with Publer Aurum (Gold).

a month ago

well theres no point making people pay to upload videos while later and other sites let you do it on their basic plan. waste of time otherwise

a month ago
Changed the title from "Videos" to "Allow videos in lower plans"
a month ago
Changed the status to
a month ago

Thank you for the feedback Sonia. We do have plans to allow limited number of videos per day in the lower plans of Publer in the near future.

The reason why we currently don’t support video uploads in the lower plans is because we do a lot of video processing in order to make videos compatible for the social networks.

For example, if you try to upload a .MOV video with an aspect ratio NOT between 1.91:1 and 4:5, it will fail in Buffer, Hootsuite etc.

It won’t fail in Publer because we will automatically convert it to MP4 and crop the video for you.

Video processing is very resource expensive, which translates into added cost for us.

Hope this helps a little bit and thank you for the feedback.

a month ago