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Publer CEO to dress up as Super Hero in Live Stream#698

In a recent Facebook post there was debte if the CEO OF Publer (Ervin Kalemi) would dress up in tight red Lycra as Publer Santa. He said if the vote was high enough he would do it.

Now we have an opportunity to have an engaging livestream with the CEO, he will answer questions, talk about the future of Publer all while wearing tight lycra. Make this dream a reality and vote for this TODAY!

25 days ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Feedback
25 days ago

If we reach at least 200 votes (top 5 requests), I will do it and I will go Live on the Facebook support group:

P.S. Please don’t upvote this :D

25 days ago

I am Waiting.

25 days ago

If there aren’t enough votes, have him dress up as the Grinch instead.

25 days ago

When will the livestream be?

25 days ago

@Magda Therrien i believe when we get to 200 upvotes… make sure to share and spread this to make it happen!

25 days ago

I want to see the Grinch

24 days ago


23 days ago

This is an artists rendtion of what the livestream could look like… revolutionary!!!!!

10 days ago