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Assign existing social profile to another team/workspace (and copy/transfer settings)#652

Just spent a few hours adding a ton of social media accounts under one team. Added specific posting schedules, shortcodes, and signatures for all accounts.

Didn’t realize the teams had to be created first, so now I have to delete all the configurations for all the accounts that I had added under the first team.

Rather than deleting all the schedules, shortcodes, signatures, etc. and having to readd them to other teams, it’d be great if the profiles could just be “assigned” to a team. Or transferred, or something.

If you only have a handful of profiles it’s not a huge issue, but once you get to 10+ profiles, it’s a huge waste of time to have to set them up again. Not logging into the accounts, but creating specific posting schedules, shortcodes, etc.

It’s nice that a profile’s settings can be copied to another’s, but they don’t work across teams.

8 months ago
Merged into Move Social Accounts Between Workspaces#267
8 months ago

I think this should be on the road map for 2021. This is such a productivity killer and it brings angst. Please consider doing this sooner than later.

5 months ago