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AutoSchedule within a certain time frame#57

Is there a feature to allow publer to autoschedule posts within a certain time frame? That is, set a window for publer to autoschedule rather than having to set up a particular rule. For example, if I wanted to upload a random number of Xmas posts - could there be a way to let publer schedule them for reasonable intervals on the 12/25 without me having to explicitly set up intervals? I might have 10 posts, I might have 20 posts. This is similar to your rule based posting for days of the week, but it would be interesting to be able to set it ahead of time for a particular date.

3 years ago
Merged Auto Schedule on Spesific Day#175
a year ago

Yes, this. I love that at can pick the time slots. Now I just need Publer to choose them at random. It’s love to have 10 or 20 time slots a day per channel and be able to distribute 5 posts a day across those slots

6 months ago
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5 months ago
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Work In Progress
2 months ago