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PDF-Files for LinkedIn#535

It would be great if you could upload PDFs for LinkedIn to upload caroussels, similar to Instagram.

7 months ago
Changed the status to
On Hold
7 months ago

Hi Annika,

Their API, what we use to communicate with LinkedIn, does not support PDF files at the moment.

Hopefully this will change in the future.

7 months ago
Merged PDFs attached in Linkedin posts#593
7 months ago

Would be great to have that feature, because Storytelling through PDFs are the hit right now on LinkedIn.

7 months ago
Merged LinkedIn document upload option#705
6 months ago
Merged Support for LinkedIn Carousels#597
4 months ago

any update on this? this is a big missing feature & so is scheduling of videos to linkedin

a month ago
Merged PDF upload#956
19 days ago

i hope this gets added soon! such an important Linkedin feature.

18 days ago

Really waiting for this feature!

4 days ago