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Instagram tagging#431

Is it possible to have tagging on the picture and in the text for Instagram. I only can use for the moment hashtag i like to be able to do like in Facebook @ link.

Also be able to put tag on the picture.


a year ago

Tagging would be an excellent function to have, how many times do you post and then have to go into the IG app to add the tags! So frustrating, again I guess this is dependant on the Native Instagram integration?

9 months ago
Changed the status to
On Hold
9 months ago

Instagram API does not allow 3rd party apps to search their user base (so that we can show you suggestions for tagging).

At this point there’s not that much we can do about it but wait.

9 months ago

Tagging products?

6 months ago

Yes, this will be an amzing feature! buffer has it! Without it I have to manually edit a post on my photo after posting and it may affect exposure.

9 days ago