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Calender View Improvements#232

I watched the webinar with Appsumo in which it was highlighted that calender view is not complete. I would like to suggest the following improvements.

Currently it is not possible to view which post is scheduled and for which network.

Something like what is done by contentcory would be great. Small icons for social networks so you know on which day on which networks it is being posted. And when you hover over the icon it would show which post is being shared so you can easily move it.

6 months ago

I would suggest settings to adjust the daily start time, rather than 12AM, to choose other time such as 9AM.

6 months ago
Merged Show pictures in Calendar view#237
5 months ago
Changed the status to
5 months ago

and also with different colours per account.

4 months ago
3 check this please. also their other features.

2 months ago

This one is quite urgent for us, really feel like the layout is not working well.

a month ago