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add workspaces

2 years ago


Can you ellaborate on this a little bit more? How would workspace be different than the teams we’re currently offering?

P.S. We’re thinking of renaiming teams to workspaces.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

Workspaces are basically brands, and then within those Workspaces you have teams.

1 workspace = 1 brand, but a brand can have multiple teams.

Then, each of those teams might have access to different social accounts within the brand.

a year ago

This is very vague for something roadmapped. Can we have some info on what roadmapped workspaces will include?

a year ago

My ideal use case: Team Master - sees ALL accounts, Team Client - sees only Team Client accounts

I would assign client to Team Client but I could still access and post to those accounts from Team Master

a year ago