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Content type tags#174

It could be useful to know if a post is organic / promotional / part of a paid campaign (internal - promoting your brand) (or external - if you are paid for being an influencer by another brand ) / linked to a specific eComm product or program / external affiliate (like amazon partner programme) / partnerships ( working with other influencers to mutually help each other) etc

For brands this would be amazing… to be able to see at a glance - ok i have done lots of partnerships this month maybe i need to work on getting a few brand deals. Or i am only doing organic and not getting results maybe i need to move into other areas.

This label idea is used in Trello and it works really nicely.

I am basically telling you what i curently have on my EXCEL doc and trello boards

a year ago
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a year ago

Adding my comment in here because I think it’s connected – the way Labels are used could be enhanced here to cover posts and content tags. I’d love to be able to create a series of posts under a specific label and know that those posts are only going to get scheduled in the labeled time slots in my set schedule.

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