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Custom link in bio (Instagram)#152

We just stumbled upon this neat tool for Instagram and we were wondering if you would be interested in such functionality.

We can easily implement and offer this at no extra cost. It’s not rocket science 🤓🚀

Basically it creates a landing page containing all your Instagram posts (in real time), with the posts being clickable (custom link for each post), which is ideal if you’re aiming to drive traffic from your Instagram.

All you need to do is simply paste the link to this custom landing page on your Instagram bio.


There are plenty of similar tools out there.

Let us know what you think and make sure to give it an upvote!

a year ago
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Gathering Feedback
a year ago

That sounds interesting. Is it free?

a year ago

Since Instagram is not supported in the free version, I doubt this will be offered for free, but who knows. It’s still early to talk about that :)

a year ago

The example link you added does not work, says the account is not valid. Can you update to share with the team? I also emailed you suggestions for a better route.

a year ago

Our free trial propably ran out. Take a look at this other example:

a year ago
Changed the status to
a year ago

Have used Later and Tailwind’s versions of this. It’s a nice alternative to just using product tags, especially when FB and IG start randomly rejecting your product tags for various nonsensical reasons.

6 months ago

When is this coming out?

5 months ago

Hi Esteban, please take a look at our roadmap:

Even though we’re behind schedule, the order of the features being implemented hasn’t changed.

4 months ago

I don’t think this feature is really necessary

11 days ago

@Ryan Everson no feature is ever necessary, just what we want.

10 days ago