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Wordpress intergration#120

I create blogs for my website fortnightly. I have seen other social media schedulers have wordpress intergration. I currently use a plugin but would rather have one platform do everything (i understand a plugin would probably need to be developed but if everything talked to each other, that would be the schiznitz. This way everything is in one place, way to see and manage instead of multiple systems.

2 years ago

Would this work: ?

We basically have plans to automatically look for and schedule new posts from one or more RSS feeds you provide.

Does your blog have an RSS feed? It probably does.

All you will have to do is provide an RSS feed URL (i.e. and Publer will constatly check for new blog posts and schedule them accordingly.

This way we can support all blogs, regardless if they’re built in Wordpress or not.

Let us know :)

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Gathering Feedback
2 years ago

I should have come back to this sooner, WHle I understand the RSS feed can check for new blogs we like to put a custom post for our social such as:
Check out our blog about XXXX, Line describing the blog.

#CustomHashtags #MoreHashtage #SomeMoreHashtags.

So as all my posts are scheduled I can share with ease wit ha custom blurb.
We currently use XYZ social media auto publish but it doesnt post to GMB and would be cool if Publer could intergrate with Wordpress as WP is the largest web platform and the ability to intergrate into the site for blog posts and other feature would be awesomeness.

2 years ago

I think Publer should develop Wordpress mode, because someone would like to post a specific post to post on Wordpress not depend on RSS

a year ago

I agree with @Tran Phuoc Anh Minh , for example yes you can post from RSS but what if you want a custom message or hashtags? How would that work? Event a simpl WP plugin that interfaces with Publer or creating a Publer Author account in WP would make more sense

a year ago